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Beaumont Family Wines Chenin Blanc Demi-Sec 2016

I have only made a demi-sec style of Chenin once before. The Loire has always made
beautiful demi-sec styles. The grapes came from our oldest vines planted in 1974. The natural fermentation didn’t fi nish completely dry in this one barrel so I decided to keep it like this and bottle it as a potential wine for my CWG offering. I love the way it expresses the grapes’ purity with that slight bit of residual that makes the wine more complex and layered.

Auction Year: 2017

Beaumont Family Wines 'Moerse Moer' Chenin Blanc 2015

Since 2010 I have been bulk filtering the solids of my Chenin juice. This is the 2015 version.
I always found fascinating herbal, acidic gritty flavours in these solids. So with the help of
a bulk filter I cleaned up this juice and then fermented it in barrel for about seven months.
Occasionally winemaking experiments produce something amazing. I love the Afrikaans
description for when something is amazing it’s, “Moerse”! This was a “moerse lekker”
portion of lees (also known as “moer” in Afrikaans).

Auction Year: 2016