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DeMorgenzon Roussanne 2016

Selected from the foothills of the Stellenbosch Mountains, Roussanne fruit with small concentrated berries is ripened to a russet brown colour and hand harvested. Pre-chilled in the winery, whole bunches are gently pressed, incorporating press fractions into the free run wine. Minimal settling without added enzyme follows, where after the wine is fermented in cask and left on the gross fermentation less for fi fteen months before bottling straight from cask without filtration.

Auction Year: 2017

DeMorgenzon Gravitas 2015

Granitic soils and gentle ripening conditions in the Stellenboschkloof contribute to this
aromatic and highly nuanced wine. Hand harvesting and careful selection is followed by
natural fermentation of whole berries and a small percentage of whole clusters. Maturation
in cask lasted for 18 months followed by bottling directly from cask without filtration or

Auction Year: 2017